Why She Left us ~ David Dennis

51ZZZJu2PZLReview by Guest Contributor, Marisa Oldham (author of the Falling Series)

Can we say “dysfunctional”? I’m pretty sure that I’ve never read a story with characters that were so completely and utterly dysfunctional, and Betsy was the least dysfunctional of them all. I found “Why She Left Us” to be a very well written book. It did get a little glum for me and made reading it a challenge at times. Just when you think there may be some hope for happiness, it’s quickly shot down. The diary entry style of writing was unique and an interesting way to patch together the pieces of this book. You know characters are written well when you despise them and there was more than one character in this book that I hated. Sometimes when I’m unsure how to rate a book, I take sometime to mull it over. If I find myself thinking about it for several days after I’ve read it, I think that warrants a 4 star rating. In my opinion, that is the best thing an author can do, make me think.

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