Vision of Shadows ~ Vincent Morrone

81aueqktMlL__SL1500_I reviewed “Vision of Shadows” by Vincent Morrone back in March, but I’m reposting this review since the author has republished with a new cover. This is a whirlwind of a story that takes readers into the depths of the paranormal in a most satisfying way. The story is told from the first person point of view of heroine Bristol Blackburn, a 17-year old who has tragically lost her parents. After their death, she relocates to the town of Spirit, where the rest of her mysterious relatives reside. She soon makes friends and meets a boy, Payne McKnight. The problem with Payne is she has had visions of him in dreams since she was young. Sometimes the dreams are wonderful, sometimes they are deadly. As strange happenings seem to find her wherever she turns, Bristol must figure out her visions and dreams, and somehow survive them both.

Bristol is one of those wonderful characters that you love to have in your ear as they tell the story. Her point of view is detailed, fun, quirky at times, and serious when it’s needed. As I read the story, I got to know her more like a friend than a character, and I enjoyed every minute we spent together. The characters around her are well-developed and very believable. The story has hints of things familiar (like a bit of Romeo and Juliet), yet it has enough originality to keep it interesting. The ending is a twist I never saw coming, and my fingernails were all but gone by the time I finished reading. You simply cannot go wrong with this winner!


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