Too Quiet in Brooklyn ~ Susan Russo Anderson

912PmVR86kL__SL1500_“Too Quiet in Brooklyn” by Susan Russo Anderson is a fun mystery starring quirky PI-on-the-side, Fina Fitzgibbons. Fina stumbles upon a body on the sidewalk, in the same place that Fina’s mother’s body was found years earlier. Still affected by her mother’s apparent suicide, Fina follows the clues and stays just one step ahead of police. The deeper she digs, the more links she finds to her own mother’s death, fueling her strong conviction that her mother was also murdered.

The style of writing is light and fun, with characters full of personality. The mystery is also very intriguing, and keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. Entwined in the mystery is the relationship between Fina and boyfriend, Denny, and their own personal struggles. What struck me the most about the book was the setting. Brooklyn Heights is very well described, and really brings the reader into the setting with the rich detail.

Overall, this is a great mystery and hopefully Fina will be back again!


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