The Skeletons of Birkbury ~ Diana J. Febry

51k0SGSGOBL“The Skeletons of Birkbury” by Diana J. Febry is one of those mystery novels that I just love to cozy up with. Living in the States and having never experienced the setting firsthand, Febry whisked me away to the location with rich detail and dialogue. I could hear different dialects and accents for each of the characters and could picture each setting as if I was right there.

The story itself is in the form of a classic mystery. A 20-year old skeleton turns up one day, and it’s up to police to solve the crime. Chief Inspector Peter Hatherhall and Detective Inspector Fiona Williams lead the reader through each twist and turn of the investigation with plenty of explanation as to the whys and the hows. All of the characters are well thought out with loads of depth, and I love spending time with these characters. Overall, a great read that satisfies the need for a wonderful whodunit.

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