The Mine ~ John A. Heldt

91e2KztV4mL__SL1500_“The Mine” by John A. Heldt is an incredibly well-written time travel story of Joel, a young man who seems to know and have it all. He enters a mine on the same day he is to graduate from college, and finds himself in 1941. Joel quickly has to learn a new way of life and makes his own way. The problem comes when he is faced with the choice of going home to the year 2000 or staying in the past.

The twists, turns, romance, and conflicts kept me fully engrossed in the story. Joel’s character evolution was very intriguing, and even though at first I wasn’t sure of him I grew to really love him and I rooted for him all the way. What I really enjoyed is I didn’t feel like I was reading a historical novel, and that really tipped the scales in the author’s favor. It is a really great novel that is reminiscent of other storylines, yet felt like a fresh take on these tales. Highly recommended!

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