The Holdout ~ Laurel Osterkamp

91B8Q8nwNjL__SL1500_“The Holdout” by Laurel Osterkamp may feel similar to the hit reality television show “Survivor” but it packs a lot more punch than the show ever could! Not normally my genre, once I turned to the first page, I found it very difficult to put this book down. There’s a lot more going on than realty television. Robin, the heroine, deals with her own demons after appearing on the show “The Holdout.” She felt she could go into the show, win, and not have any scars. It’s how she deals with everything that is so fascinating.

One year after the show filmed, Robin is back to her pre-holdout life, sans job and summoned to jury duty. She dreads every airing of the show, and is deeply affected by not only what people said about her on the show, but how the fans following the show see her. The book definitely makes one rethink how reality shows portray people, how the seemingly “stuck-up, perfect, skinny blonde” may just be like Robin. For anyone who enjoys reality television with a shot of romance and personal growth, this book is a winner!

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