The Blink of Her Eye ~ Angelica Thaddeus


“The Blink of Her Eye” by Angelica Thaddeus opens up with an action packed scene: an unlikely heroine being attacked by an elderly patient. The beginning of the book sets the tone for a fun ride, one filled with action, mystery, and lots of steamy romance.

Anika Sliwinski stars as the quirky heroine, a Regional Compliance Officer for a major health conglomerate who doubles as a sleuth and tries to solve the mystery of why patients are dying under similar circumstances. She meets mysterious Gabriel Barton, aka “Savage” when he saves her from the patient. Together they follow clues to stop the villain and prevent others from falling victim to a sinister plot.

The book is written in a light style with humorous undertones. Anika serves the reader well as a believable protagonist: quirky and a bit awkward at times, she still fits the bill as a strong female lead. Her love interest, Gabriel, has a myriad of traits to him that always keep the reader guessing what he will do next. The villain at the heart of the story is the quintessential narcissist with a hedonistic heart.

A lot of tales that incorporate erotica struggle to find a good, suspenseful story to back it up, but Thaddeus does a wonderful job of blending both genres into one. Overall, the story reads well, the mystery keeps the reader interested, and the pacing makes for a quick read.

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