Shattered Reality ~ Brenda Perlin

81gOz2fXouL__SL1500_“Shattered Reality” by Brenda Perlin is the touching and trying story of Brooklyn (even though it’s the “Bo and Brooklyn Series” I really felt like it was Brooklyn’s story). This first book in the trilogy packs quite a serious emotional punch and had me dying to read the next book (which luckily, I already had on hand!). All of the characters were really well-developed and brought to life, but I especially connected with Brooklyn. I think all women make mistakes, especially when it comes to relationships, and do their best to learn from them, and Brooklyn was no exception. This tragic quality in her character really made the character so much more relatable and believable. The title itself, Shattered Reality, referred to so many different things in this book, which was a very nice touch, and I really felt for Brooklyn throughout the book. I just wanted her to find the happiness she so desperately sought. This book is one of those that will stay with me for quite some time.

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