Second on the Right ~ Elizabeth Los

81ZLC5kYm4L__SL1500_“Second on the Right” by Elizabeth Los is an intriguing time travel tale that takes place on the high seas. Eileen Davis works on a cruise ship, where she begins to fall for James Benedict. During this particular tour, she falls into the ocean and through time, where she lands on a pirate ship captained by none other than James’s descendant, Captain Robert Benedict.

This is an interesting time travel tale in that the fantasy includes pirates. I really enjoyed Eileen’s character and her adventures. There is plenty of reference to Peter Pan and Captain Hook, which gives it a nice wistfulness in remembering that childhood tale.

There are just a few technical issues with point of view head-hopping within scenes and slipping into past perfect tense while in past tense, but overall the storytelling really takes control of the book and makes it an enjoyable read.


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