Reviews for Conduit

~~Spoilers are edited out of the reviews. These are just a few of the many reviews the book has received.~~

Conduit has received the 5-star review and seal from Reader’s Favorite!

“In Conduit by Angie Martin, Emily Monroe is a private investigator along with her best friend and fellow investigator, Cassie Reid. She’s also a psychic and sometimes uses her abilities when she is helping the Wichita police on a case. This particular case involves a serial killer who brutally murders his victims and has so far managed not to leave any evidence of his crimes. But what Emily and the police don’t know is that the killer’s real target is Emily herself and he’s hoping to use the murders to bridge a psychic connection with Emily, eventually taking over her mind and having her all to himself. As the murders pile up, it becomes a race against time to find him before he kills again and captures Emily’s mind completely.

I enjoyed Conduit by Angie Martin a lot. The writing was great and I really enjoyed the friendship between Emily and Cassie. I also liked the more psychic side of things. Emily hasn’t fully come into her abilities, especially since she’d been suppressing them for quite a while, and it’s interesting to see how she handles that as she’s helping the police capture the killer. I also was happy that this wasn’t going to be a book where the heroine picks up an errant strand of fiber and solves half the mystery. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and each woman taken left me fervently hoping that they would capture the killer in time. Can’t wait to see what else Angie Martin comes up with.” ~ 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite


“A word of a warning… Once you start reading you can’t stop! Conduit by Angie Martin is a masterpiece. A gripping psychological thriller that lets the ‘bogeyman’ inside your head, making your heart flutter and your hands sweat before you reach the end!
Emily is a private investigator with psychic abilities. David is a monster, a serial killer, who believes there’s a psychic bond between Emily and him.

David is like a nasty spider, creating his web and slowly trying to wind Emily closer to him. I could practically ‘see’ how the net around her got tighter and tighter, whilst my nails got shorter and shorter… David believes they’re connected and belong together and he’s willing to do anything to get her. Anything. Even if it means making her a part of his killing games…

If you love Criminal Minds, Profiler, Numb3rs, etc this book is a must read!” ~ 5-star review from Jennifer on Amazon


Conduit is a heart pounding suspense novel that will grips you from the first sentence! This was unlike any thriller I have ever read. The plot is killer..literally. The psychic element of the book just boosted the story to a completely new level. It’s not only a suspense and thriller it also packs a supernatural punch. I was so engrossed in the story I actually spooked myself a few times. The author does an incredible job of delving into the mind of David (antagonist). The development of David will take you to a place you can’t even imagine. The development of all the characters was amazing. I love strong female characters and Emily and Cassie are a kickass duo. Their relationships between Emily, Cassie, and Jake were so authentic and later add a whole new layer to the story when certain things come to light. This is book is just totally captivating and will keep you in its clutches until the last word. This is a 5/5 star story and an absolutely recommended read.” ~ 5-star review from Jasmyn on Amazon


“This is a tremendous mashup of the suspense/thriller blended with the supernatural.  Angie Martin has done a tremendous job of this with Emily Monroe, a good-hearted and kind woman, albeit terribly naive, a psychic working as a private investigator in a partnership with her lifelong best friend.  As the novel progresses, Emily is haunted by another psychic, David Noakes, who is murdering women who call out to Emily as he lures her toward him, to bring her into his thrall.  Noakes is a villain so evil as to make Hannibal Lecter look like a teen choirboy!” ~ 5-star review from Patrick on Amazon


You may not want to read this book while you are home alone at night.  This one will stick with you for a while.

What makes Conduit so scary is the psychic abilities of the main character Emily. Imagine… you know that there is a serial killer stalking you.  You are a private investigator, so you already know about the evils of humanity.  You know who this killer is and what he has done.  Now he’s after you.  You can feel him coming for you, but you don’t know how far away he is.  He could be in your house already…  ZOIKS!

I love stories with great bad guys and Martin does a superb job of taking you into the psyche of David, the serial killer antagonist, whether you want to go in there, or not.  And I did want to go there.  You will have to read this tight page-turner to find out if Emily stays just out of his grasp.  Highly recommended!” ~ 5-star review from Eric on Amazon


Some writers have the capacity to snare you from the word go and hold you in thrall throughout the entire duration of a book. Angie Martin is one of those writers.
‘Conduit’ is an absorbing psychological thriller of a work which blends in more than a little splash of the paranormal as it gets underway with a suitably creepy and curious prologue setting the tone of the book and sinking claws of intrigue in from the word go… I will just say that this is the type of crime thriller laced with supernatural facets that can seize you and shake you up, and make you only too aware that there are some truly reprehensible characters out there. Tightly written, loaded with suspense and wholly captivating, this is a cracking good read.” ~ 5-star review from Jim on Amazon


“Conduit grabs hold and doesn’t let go until the end. I was swept away by the never ending drama, mystery and intrigue. Glued to the pages. Very interesting premise that unfolds before your eyes in the most entertaining way. It was easy to get caught up in this psychological thriller that is filled with mystery and intense knock em out of the park scenes. One after another. This is not only a thriller and suspense novel but at the same time it is blended with the supernatural.

This well written book is definitely worth the read. Such a great escape that captivated my senses and overwhelmed my thoughts. I have to congratulate this author for coming up with such a riveting plot that blew me away. I would highly recommend this book to all my friends who are looking for a suspenseful escape.” ~ 5-star review from Brenda on Amazon