Revenge of the Orgasm ~ G.P.A.

41qJ9fP4S9LWhen I first saw the title of this collection (“Revenge of the Orgasm”) I admittedly did not know what I was in store for. After all, I’m not much into reading erotica. But I love poetry, and this title eased me into a read filled with subjects that are sexual in nature with a flow of words that made me feel like I’d had slightly too much champagne under the alluring glow of candlelight. There is something incredibly beautiful about the way the poems are presented, and the speaker’s voice is truly heard beneath the subtleties. The “erotica” part of the book is not thrown in the face of the reader, and I think that is such a delicate balance to achieve when writing poems of this nature. G.P.A. has turned me into a believer of erotic poetry. I have to highly recommend this poetry collection and I am very much looking forward to his future works.

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