Red Light Rioting ~ Eric Huffman

81DPmA-D9JL__SL1500_“Red Light Rioting – Idling Thoughts and Noxious Fumes” by Eric Huffman is a combination of prose and poetry, all of which reflects the way in which Huffman views the world. And Huffman’s head is a scary yet exciting place to be.

Everything from the weather to clowns to the local convenience store attendant becomes fodder for his thought-provoking ramblings, making for not only a good read, but the strong fear that you might one day walk past him and unwittingly end up in one of his writings. In many of his writings, he tackles what others are already thinking, while in others, he opens up the mind to new ideas and thoughts. If forced to choose, my favorite prose, the one that keeps returning to mind, is “Helen of Troy.”

In the end, this collection is incredibly well-done and well worth the read. The words prickle the mind and keep the creaky cogwheels turning long after one is finished. As a side note, I highly recommend that one have a strong drink in hand before opening the pages. It makes the book that much more fun…unless you’re scared of clowns, that is.

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