Reckless Illusions ~ Claude Dancourt

71haDoJ5ExL__SL1000_“Reckless Illusions” by Claude Dancourt tells the story of Neve Lass, a private investigator who searches for missing people and gathers information for others, among other jobs. She has a clashing relationship with Detective Ian Braich, Jr, an abrasive detective who has as much contempt for her as she does for him. When she is attacked one night, however, Ian ends up working the case and they have to put aside differences to find out who is behind the attack…and why.

This novel is a fast-paced read with great twists and turns to satisfy any mystery lover. I really enjoyed the characters and descriptions. Both Neve and Ian stand out for their own reasons, and they literally jump off the page with their realness. The mystery and suspense in the story are really well-done and I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. Overall, a well-written and fantastic mystery!

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