Plebs ~ Jim Goforth

81SRhAYPadL__SL1500_“Plebs” by Jim Goforth… oh, where do I start? I’m a huge horror fanatic, my first delve into the genre being with Stephen King. Since then, my expectations of horror have been set incredibly high. From the outset, Plebs met every expectation I have and so much more. The entire book took me back in time to some awesome rock n’ roll 80’s old school horror. What else can a horror fanatic ask for? The author is incredibly effective in his writing style and it makes the length of the book seem like nothing, especially since I was having so much fun getting scared!

The three male characters are typical of that era of horror, the ones that intoxicate themselves right into a bad situation. Yet the idea of them didn’t detract from the story; in fact, it lent to a wonderful feel of the book. The characters were all incredibly well-developed and the story was woven perfectly to capture my attention from the first page and keep me guessing about the fate of these three wayward young men. I knew from the start there was lots of danger, but when they run into a crazy camp of women in the middle of the woods, I just knew there would be hell to pay. What followed was a crazy almost Tarantino-ish ride that was worth every minute of reading this book.

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