Nephilites: Awakenings ~ Matt McDowell/Charlo Nocete

71wg7KSHXvL“Nephilites: Awakenings” is a graphic novel that revolves around angels which have existed since the time of Adam and Eve, and whose powers are passed down through lineage. An epic battling is brewing between the two realms: light and shadow…and it’s a battle for the ages!

I absolutely loved this graphic novel. There was little about it that didn’t capture my attention, and it just kept drawing me into the pages with a fast-paced story that won’t let go. Though these types of angelic battles have been done before, there is a lot of uniqueness in the story that deserves attention.

As the writer, Matt McDowell sure had his hands full. 156 pages of graphic novel (and that’s a lot of graphic novel!), yet the story never once became dull or boring. The characters are nicely developed and are very relatable. There is just the right amount of humor injected in the folds of this battle, and that helps with some of the darker, more intense scenes.

The art, by Charlo Nocete, is spot-on. Sometimes less is more, and in the case of “Nephilites: Awakenings” it is definitely more! The drawing is clean, with nice shading, and enough contours to give life to the characters and scenes. There isn’t much to detract from the story, and that really benefits this in-depth storyline.

All in all, this is a great read, one that definitely deserves a follow-up, which I cannot wait to dive into.

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