Naughty & Nice: Single’s Night

Naughty & Nice: Single’s Night

Long legs in stockings

~Release date March 26th~

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From Angelia Rourke comes the next steamy Naughty & Nice installment.

Single’s Night at popular Burbank bar Elixir brings out all kinds of personalities, but for four lucky singles, it will be the night that changes their lives forever.

What You Deserve by Marisa Oldham: BBW Lucy tries to find her footing among the “beautiful” people, discovering her own self-worth along the way.

Jaded by S.M. Rose: Done with men forever, Claire finds a one-night stand with a fiery, mysterious woman may just be what she’s needed all along.

To Mend a Broken Heart by Noah Wilde: Broken-hearted over a recent breakup, Liam believes his love life has hit a dead-end, until he meets someone new.

Last Call by Emma Payne: Bartender Presley starts out her night dreading a date with her ex-boyfriend, but a few twists take her life in a completely different direction.


 waves of red silk as background

~What You Deserve by Marisa Oldham~

“We have a lot in common. I’m glad I finally got the courage up to come and talk to you.”

I almost choke. The courage? To talk to me? All 215 pounds of me, squeezed into the dress I probably shouldn’t have put on this body?

“Are you okay?” He pats my back.

“What do you mean finally?”

“I’ve been watching you, Lucy. I’ll admit it. I was drawn to you the moment I saw you walking around with your half-full glass.”

My cheeks heat. “Really?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

I shake my head and take in a deep breath. Confidence. Confidence, I think.


waves of red silk as background

waves of red silk as background

~Jaded by S.M. Rose~

Hers meet mine and we lock eyes. “You’re hot, Claire.”

I take in a deep breath. “So are you and I’m not even gay.” The words slip from my mouth before I can stop them. I worry I offended her.

“If you haven’t guessed,” she says, “I am.”

“I don’t have a problem with that.” I place my drink on the table and leave my arm lying there. Jade’s finger brushes over my skin and sends chills over me.

The hair on my arm rises when she leans in toward me. “Ever been curious?”

I take in some of my rum and Coke. “I never thought about it.”

“You’ve never fantasized about going down on a woman?” Her eyes narrow – she raises an eyebrow.

I lean onto the table – poising my face inches from hers. “Not until tonight.”


Noah teaser 2

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~To Mend a Broken Heart by Noah Wilde~

“Tell me about yourself.”

Morgan glances around the booth, as if I spoke to someone else. “Me? Well, um… I’m really quite boring.”

“Don’t undersell yourself,” I say.

Her brow knits and she frowns. “What do you mean?”

“You already have me here. I’m already staring at you. I already want to get to know you in every possible way. There is absolutely nothing that could come out of your mouth that will make me change my mind.”


Emma 1

waves of red silk as background

~Last Call by Emma Payne~

After frantically helping several patrons over the next fifteen minutes, I gaze down the length of the bar and see Luke motioning to me with his empty glass. I suck my bottom lip into my mouth and make my way back down to him.

“Ready for another?” I ask.

“That and I wanted to answer your question.”

“My question?”

“Mom hates Star Wars and says Dad was a Trekkie. So, I am not named after Star Wars.”

“Seriously?” I laugh. “Did you really call your mom from a bar just to find out about your name?”

“Well, that and to tell her I’d met a beautiful girl.”

waves of red silk as background

~Release date March 26th~
~Only $0.99 through March 29th~


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