Maybe Baby ~ Kim Golden

81-mqYHZbfL__SL1500_“Maybe Baby” by Kim Golden is an incredible book of one woman facing a fork in the road of her life. Told from a first person perspective, the book is incredibly well-written with characters that are full of depth. Main character Laney’s number one priority has suddenly become to have a child, yet her long-time partner isn’t so sure. In her quest to achieve her desire, she finds herself at a crossroads and isn’t sure which way to go.

The rich storytelling is woven in a beautiful manner with first person narrative, and the reader can really feel the pain of Laney while she is struggling to discover herself and what really matters in life. The story stayed with me long after I had stopped reading. The author knows how to make an impact with readers and connect them to the characters in a delightful way that allows them to watch the story unfold as if they are witnessing events firsthand. A great book that is highly recommended!

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