Madame Sosostris Explains ~ Clarissa Simmens

61ErxdSU5JL__SL1000_“Madame Sosostris Explains (a poetry patchwork)” by Clarissa Simmens is an incredibly beautiful yet complex collection of poems. Surrounding the Romani culture, these poems have a deep sense of tradition. One can almost feel the richness behind them when turning the pages. I am a newcomer to these things, yet I felt welcome into a world I know nothing about, and I was an eager student as I read the poems. The first poems consist of tarot card poems, while the rest are made up of sonnets and free verse. No matter which sets of poems you read, they are consistently well-written and a great glimpse into this world. Simmens knows her poetry and she knows how to bring images to life using minimal words. Another amazing collection by a promising poet!

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