Greywalker ~ Patrick Heffernan

41628MJuOfL“Greywalker” by Patrick Heffernan is a tremendous journey into otherworldly realms while balancing a life in this world. The main character, Amos Garr, leaps off the page from the first lines. He is an extremely likeable character, full of depth and wise (albeit sarcastic) perceptions about the world around him. He leads a double life as a Greywalker, one who walks between the Light and the Dark of the heavenly realm. Amos serves the Light, and often nightly battles demonic forces on behalf of the Light.

As Amos grows and develops, there is a real sense of companionship with the character as the reader joins him on his adventures. He’s flawed, makes mistakes, and does his best to do good in everything. He’s filled with an incredible sense of justice that one doesn’t see in too many characters in books today, but that also doesn’t make him perfect. Here on Earth, he works hard at his job and does his best as a husband and father, while dealing with the crap that ordinary life throws at him.

There is plenty of action, adventure, fantasy, and love to go around. Though it is a chronicle of Amos’s life, the book has nothing slow or uninteresting about it. The book will stay with you, and I’m sure that for years to come I’ll be heard occasionally spouting out some of Amos’s nuggets of wisdom.

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