George ~ C.L. Heckman

91bn05J+xTL__SL1500_“George (The Josephine Meyers Mysteries Book 1)” by CL Heckman is a short story told from the first person point of view of Josephine Meyers. The tale is of a summer in the life of teenage Josephine and her best friend, Skylar. Skylar’s mom brings in lots of new boyfriends, but none quite like George. Soon, Josephine and Skylar see the monstrous side of George, and Josephine struggles between helping her best friend and keeping her secrets.

In this short story, Heckman weaves a fast-paced tale that is easy to follow and filled with intrigue and suspense. What Skylar goes through is heart-wrenching, but the reader can also empathize with Josephine as she tries to figure out the right path. I look forward to more Josephine Meyers’s mysteries.

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