False Security Dream Cast ~ Part II (spoilers)

This is the second part of my dream cast for False Security. All of these characters are spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book, this is your last warning to look away!

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Paul Pettis ~ Bruce Willis

bruce_willis_referenceFor whatever reason, I’ve always liked the idea of Bruce Willis for Paul’s character. He’s still got that kick-butt persona, and that’s Paul. He has the ability to play quiet and reserved with just the right amount of jaded. Even though Paul isn’t bald in the book, that is one description change I wouldn’t mind to get Willis in the role.

Donovan King ~ James Purefoy

image-10-the-ticket-04-03-11-700159045-114188Sexy, haunting, charming…few actors can play evil like James Purefoy. The star of “The Following” seems to have been the inspiration for the character, yet I wrote the part long before I first saw Purefoy in “Resident Evil.” When I did see him for the first time, I recognized that incredible ability to make bad seem like so much fun. There’s simply no one else on this earth that could play the role of Donovan King.

Jonathan Thomas ~ Alexander Skarsgard

Jonathan Thomas - Alexander-SkarsgardSome might think that Jonathan Thomas would be an easy part to cast…and it was as soon as I saw the right actor. The minute I saw Alexander Skarsgard in “True Blood,” I knew I had found Jonathan. Witty, sharp-tongued, and handsome with an onscreen presence that pulls the viewer to him, Skarsgard fits Jonathan perfectly. Plus he’s the exact opposite of James Purefoy, a requirement when playing the rival of Donovan King.

Eric ~ Rudolf Martin

42424I first saw Rudolf Martin in Swordfish in a movie theatre years ago, playing a bad guy. The first thought I had in my head was he would be the perfect actor to play my extra slimy bad guy, Eric. He has that quality about him, that stalker-lurker-esque quality, that’s totally needed for the role. No offense meant to him, of course…he just plays a great bad guy!