Dying Thoughts – First Touch ~ Joey Paul

81aJ4jk+w9L__SL1500_“Dying Thoughts – First Touch” is the first book in the Dying Wish Series by Joey Paul. It is the story of young Tara, whose mother has died of cancer. Shortly after her mom’s death, at age 6, Tara begins having visions, and soon she can see the death of those whose belongings she comes in contact with. As a 15-year old who has been having visions for nine years, Tara has a firm grasp on her gift and doesn’t let it get the best of her. Then Tara meets Kaolin, a girl her age whose father has recently passed away. In that one chance encounter, Tara has a vision that alters both their lives forever.

Though this book is written for a YA crowd, I absolutely loved it. Tara’s character is witty and fun and I very much enjoyed seeing the world through her eyes. She is an extremely likeable character and a perfect narrator for the reader’s journey through the events in the books. Her visions are intriguing and mysterious at times, making the book a really fast-paced read that is highly enjoyable. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

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