Conduit Playlist

Music plays such an important part in my life, and my creative life would not be complete without it. Every time I write, there is music flowing to accompany my work. Though I wrote the book to an endless soundtrack of music, here are the top 10 songs that inspired me while writing Conduit.

1. Every Thing I Do (I’d Do for You) ~ Bryan Adams
While writing the book, I really listened to a lot of 80s/early 90s love songs. I wanted to really capture the romance aspect in the book so that it balanced some of the darker scenes. This song in particular speaks to me when I think back on the romance. I can no longer listen to this song without thinking about the book.

2. Darkness ~ Disturbed
Most people don’t realize that metal group Disturbed actually has a slow song. This song has always haunted me and really influenced me while writing. I can’t say much more than that for fear of spoilers. 🙂

3. Down with the Sickness ~ Disturbed
What’s a serial killer without a little sickness? This song talks about the transformation from man to monster, and I love the changes in the vocalizations in the song as that transformation takes place. A great inspiration to write a merciless killer.

4. Out of the Blue ~ Debbie Gibson
I never would have written this book if I didn’t have the greatest best friend. The whole idea of two girls owning a private investigating agency together comes from our joking around about opening one. I wanted to make Emily and Cassie’s friendship as realistic as possible so it jumps off the page. The only way to do that was to write their friendship in a way that represents our friendship, even though we are absolutely nothing like these characters. There are also several little things strategically placed in the book (and not necessarily exchanges between Emily and Cassie) that mean something to the both of us to pay homage to her and what she means to me. This song represents not only some of the romance in the book, but it’s one of our all-time favorite songs. I imagine that Emily and Cassie have listened to it off and on over the years as well. My playlist would not be the same without it.

5. So Far Away ~ Staind
In the book, there are a few geek-driven references, one being to the movie “The Punisher.” That is one of my favorite movies made from a comic (the movie starring Thomas Jane, of course). I listened to that soundtrack a lot while writing this book. This particular song did not appear in the movie or on the soundtrack, but it was played during some of the movie trailers. That was the first time I heard this incredible song that inspired me not only when writing Conduit, but also False Security.

6. Nate’s Theme (“Uncharted” Theme Song) ~ Greg Edmonson
This is definitely the geekiest reference in the book…and the title of the song “Nate’s Theme” does not imply this is a theme for the character of the same name. It isn’t. I am a massive gamer, and one of my two favorite video game series is “Uncharted” (by Naughty Dog). After I named and developed Nathan’s character, I discovered that I had inadvertently written little references to the “Uncharted” games. I continued that tradition and added a few more references to satisfy the geek in me.

7. In Time ~ Mark Collie (“The Punisher” soundtrack)
More great music from “The Punisher” soundtrack. I absolutely love this chilling scene in the movie. Mark Collie plays a hitman sent to kill Frank Castle (the hero). He walks into a diner where Castle is having breakfast, sits down at a booth, takes out his guitar, and sings this song. It’s really a “death-ode” to Castle…like, “I’m coming to get you and you’re gonna die.” This song reminds me of how once my serial killer in Conduit focuses on his victims, then it’s game over for them. I also love the first two lines of the song: “I can hear what you’re thinking, all your doubts and fears.” Very reminiscent of the book.

8. Glory of Love ~ Peter Cetera
This song is absolutely brilliant in its ability to capture the simplistic yet complicated idea of love. Conduit is about so much more than a psychic private detective and the serial killer who is obsessed with her. It’s about two people who were meant to be together. They find each other, recognize their undeniable need and desire for each other, and then hang on no matter what happens. There’s something truly beautiful when two people come together in that manner, and I want nothing more than that to come through in the love story between Emily and Jake.

9. Lost in Love ~ Air Supply
Another great love song from the perfect era of music that really inspired the love story in the book. The importance of listening to Air Supply in writing this book can ever be understated.

10. Out/In ~ Remy Zero
I don’t think Remy Zero can do much wrong in my eyes, and every time I write, they are close at hand, even if the lyrics have nothing to do with what I’m writing. Everything about this song is Conduit to me. From the incredible lyrics to the gorgeous composition and awesome vocals. It’s just plain amazing.