Conduit Dream Cast

I absolutely love dream casting my characters, but I have to admit, Conduit has been a nearly impossible book to dream cast. The characters are so firmly cemented in my head, and it took me forever to find the right actors to fit the roles. I am extremely happy with the end result and I hope you are, too!

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Emily Monroe ~ January Jones

Emily Monroe - January JonesEmily was the last of the group to be cast. She has a specific look that I saw in my head and I wasn’t about to settle for anything less. The closest actress that I could find is January Jones. In my mind, Emily has always had a sweet face, with a touch of innocence to her look. She’s also approximately the right age and height. Just needs a slightly browner hair and we’re good to go! Plus she’ll look great with my choice for Jake! 🙂


Jake Hanley ~ Marco Dapper

6886257When I first found the actor to play Jake, I had no idea who he was. There was no name attached to his photo, and that drove me nuts. It took a bit of searching, but someone who saw the Dream Cast Reveal event on Facebook finally figured out who this actor is ~ Marco Dapper! He’s the closest thing to Jake I’ve seen in my head since I started writing the book and I’m so glad that the mystery has finally been solved! 🙂


David Noakes ~ Dominic Purcell

castle20David Noakes is a large presence in the book…not just in character, but in stature. He’s also tall and sturdy. Anyone who carries dead bodies around after torturing them to death must have some kind of muscle on him! Dominic Purcell is hands-down my favorite choice for the role. I personally think he was shafted for not being picked to play Venom in Spider-man 3, so I feel a little vindication that I’m able to place him in this role in my dream cast.

Cassie Reid ~ Emily Rose

Cassie Reid - Emily RoseCassie Reid is smart, sexy, and funny. But she’s also down-to-earth, relatable, and likeable. Her confidence and witty personality needs a strong actress to match her on page persona. I could think of no one better than Emily Rose. If you know enough about me and some of the things I slipped into Conduit for my own personal amusement, you’ll completely understand why I’d be absolutely honored to have the great Emily Rose play Cassie. It would be perfect.


Detective Lieutenant Lionel Edwards ~ Phil Austin

MV5BMTM5MzQzMTU4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDM4NTY0Nw@@__V1_SY317_CR20,0,214,317_Detective Lieutenant Lionel Edwards is one of those guys that is all-around awesome. He’s friendly, intelligent, and a damned fine detective. I love the idea of Phil Austin as Uncle Leo, and I think he’d be a great contrast to Shawn Ashmore in the role of his partner.


Detective Sergeant Shawn Brandt ~ Shawn Ashmore

Detective Sergeant Shawn Brandt - Shawn AshmoreYeah, they share the same name, but every time I see Shawn Ashmore, I think of the Shawn that lives in my head. There’s just something about him that puts that image in my mind. Might have a lot to do with him being on The Following (where he is awesome as an FBI agent). Besides all that, he’s got that younger look that Cassie would just love, and Ashmore knows how to play a mostly serious and jaded character so well.

Nathan Wolk ~ Ryan Gosling

images15F1FM2AI just don’t believe that anyone other than Ryan Gosling can play Nate. He has this air about him, business, yet not so much. As the playboy criminal defense attorney who is trying to get out of his dad’s shadow and back in Emily’s good graces, Gosling is a perfect fit.