Burnt Promises ~ Brenda Perlin

81GzPMMBADL__SL1500_“Burnt Promises” by Brenda Perlin is the second book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles. Having recently read “Shattered Reality” I can easily say that this follow-up is just as good as the first, which is quite a feat to keep books in the same series consistent in quality. The characters are just as lively and interesting, and Ruth is an absolute crazy person! I thought Perlin did a very nice job of portraying Ruth. I could just see her scheming and rubbing her hands together as she launches into her villainess laugh. Though Brooklyn would like the reader to believe she’s the bad guy in the story, I don’t believe it for a second. Though I’ve already read the first one, this book could easily work as a standalone. No matter which book you read first, you’ll be happy that you did!

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