The Griffin’s Boy ~ Julia Hughes

A1jhUKJ5ttL__SL1500_“The Griffin’s Boy” by Julia Hughes is part of the Griffin Riders’ Chronicles. Although it is the second book, it is written in such a manner that it can stand alone. This fantasy book is wonderful for any lover of the genre. It is full of hope and wonder and brought me a feeling of childlike fascination. Neb (aka, the nameless boy) is such a great main character. I found myself rooting for him from page one. Even Neb’s griffin, Balkind, is very well developed as a character, along with the other characters in the book.

The book had moments that made me smile, cheer, and have suspenseful fear. Without giving too much away, Neb’s bravery and boldness is inspiring, and the reader can really feel how he reacts to each situation. There were parts that really reminded me of how I felt with Eragon, and that brought me back to a familiar, comforting place. The fantasy world is very well done, not an easy feat to accomplish. Overall, a great read, and I recommend it for any fan of fantasy and adventure.

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