The IX ~ Andrew P. Weston


As a child and teen, one of my favorite things to read about were the Romans. I loved the history, the mythology, the tales and legends. It all fascinated me. Picking up The IX, I anticipated having a ride much like that. I was pleasantly surprised to experience not only nostalgia, but a beautiful blend of history and science-fiction like I’ve never read.

Initially, it was not the tale but the writing style that blew me away. I connected immediately with the author as I was pulled into the story. The characters brought a sense of urgency with them; everything seemed to threaten them and their safety. The suspense of the story was second-to-none and left me flipping through the pages with my own urgency. I just had to know what happened next. I loved the descriptions of settings, the flow of the tale, and the unique direction the author took with the work. The “fight or die” adage turned into “read or die” for me.

If you enjoy novels with your heroes and villains firmly set, with a bit of historical flair, loads of action, and just the right amount of sci-fi to keep things interesting, this is the book for you. Highly recommended!

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