Reviews for False Security

~~Spoilers are edited out of the reviews~~

“I had a vision in my mind of what this book would be about once I read the prologue. I couldn’t have been more wrong and more pleasantly surprised! False Security is the debut novel by author Angie Martin, but you would never know it was a debut when reading it. The writing is masterful and the way Martin weaves her tale is not only thrilling but also rich!

One thing I loved is how you think you’re reading the story and you know the way it’s going and then mid book she changes everything up and you’re hit with a whole new version of the story. Very creative!

I found the story to be unique in every way. From the characters to why they are the way they are. Each of the characters, down to ones you may only see for a very short portion of the story, has depth. Not only is this a suspense novel, but the romance aspects of it are fantastically written in a subtle yet enticing way. It really adds to the experience of reading this book.

For me, one of the most emotional parts of this story is Paul’s recollection of the past. Of course, along with Rachel’s ordeal as well.

I HIGHLY recommend this book if you like suspense and surprises.

Martin is a master at her craft and I cannot WAIT to read her next novel!” ~ 5-star review from Marisa on Amazon


“The introduction to this story is exhilarating, and although the action slows down a little in the first couple of chapters as characters are introduced, the pace soon picks up again. Tension creeps in, and it becomes clear that the heroine, Rachel, is attracted to the local bookshop owner, Mark, but only accepts a date with him against her better judgement. The reasons for Rachel’s unwillingness to get involved, and for her constant changes of identity and addresses are revealed… Her feelings for Mark and longings for a normal life cause her to stay in one place a little too long – a mistake which may well prove fatal.

Rachel is portrayed as a strong woman, who made the mistake of loving unwisely, and then found the strength to break free of an unhealthy relationship. Ms Martin had me rooting for Rachel and Mark… As danger escalated, I found it impossible to stop reading. A riveting story: if you enjoy romantic thrillers, you’re in for a treat with ‘False Security’.” ~ 5-star review from Tinkertoo on Amazon


“False Security by Angie Martin is the kind of book I just couldn’t stop reading. It’s a new haunting love story by Angie Martin, and this author knows how to get me hooked into a tale from the first page.

The book is a haunting love story, but it is more than that—it is a story of compulsion, domination and battering….

At the book’s start, Rachel and her best friend Danielle are living in Wichita, Kansas where they teach martial arts to battered women. Her life begins to change, we think, when, reluctantly, Rachel agrees to a first date with an attractive man, Mark Jacobson. But we soon learn that Rachel has more than an ordinary dose of fear.

As the plot unfolded, it kept me in its grip. I realized that Rachel and Danielle have been abruptly leaving towns for a long time. Rachel is adept at disguise and taking leave. As she weaves a life, trying to elude who or what or why becomes increasingly unclear. But soon the mystery surrounding her past unravels and along with Mark, I found myself in the center of a deadly front. The title, False Security, gives a clue.

Moving from town to town doesn’t rid Rachel of her recurring dream. If anything, it heightens her fears, certainly the fear we feel. To disclose more of the plot would spoil it, I’m afraid. But there are plenty of twists and turns, sudden violence and deadly surprises in this tightly woven plot. Rachel Thomas can’t seem to feel safe.

There are moments of terror, moments of beauty, quiet moments of love, and seething times of terror. But in the end, False Security is a beautiful love story that you will not want to miss.” ~ 5-star review from Saved on Amazon


“Angie Martin’s False Security, is a suspense thriller with a bit of romance thrown in. The book moved along at a good pace and kept my interest throughout. I kept turning the pages anxious to find out the secret the heroine, Rachel, was keeping. The author played out the game almost to the end… I like the love between Rachel and Mark… Excellent read for lovers of suspense thrillers.” ~ 5-star review from Hawk on Amazon


“…an emotionally gripping thriller.” ~ The Wichita Eagle (review of 2004 release)


“Fast-paced suspense and passionate romance. Each twist made me want to read on. The ending left me hungering for more. False Security is a winner.” ~ R. Troyan Krause, author of ‘The Works of the Flesh’ (review of 2004 release)