Review Policy

**UPDATE 1-25-15: With the number of requests I currently have, I am still booked with reviews. I am CLOSING the requests for the next couple months. I am so sorry to have to do that, but I need to also save time for my own writing in addition to the reviews. I am trying to get through my current requests and review schedule as fast as possible (although I am a bit behind). Thank you so much for your patience and please check back in a few months for when I reopen requests!**

Please read this page before submitting a request, as it will answer most questions. Please use only the below contact form for review requests. I am currently accepting new titles for consideration. These are my preferred (but not exclusive) genres:

Romantic suspense
Comics and graphic novels

I always will consider works from other genres, so if you have a book in different genre, still send me the request and I’ll see if it’s something that I’d be interested in! Please note that titles will be reviewed in the order received, but if you have an upcoming release that you need a quick review for, let me know in your request and I will do my best to work with you.

I will review each request and contact you if I would like the full copy. Do not feel bad if I don’t accept your book for review. That just means it probably isn’t the type of book I primarily like to read and is not a slight against you or your book.

Reviews will be posted on this website, Amazon, and Goodreads (along with any other website per author request).

All reviews will reflect my personal opinion and, since I believe in being honest, acceptance of a book for review is not a guarantee that the review will be positive. I’m a writer, too, so I will do my best to offer constructive criticism on reviews that are not 100% positive. I will not post reviews under three stars, unless the author requests it to be posted. If I read a book I feel falls under three stars, I will contact the author.

I prefer to read electronically (except in the case of comics and graphic novels), but I will accept hard copies as well. If you send your book via email, please send it in a PDF, EPUB, or MOBI format, or you can gift it to me via Kindle.

For comics or graphic novels, my reviews are full reviews that encompass writing, art, lettering, coloring, and cover art. Since my reviews on these are very detailed, I also like to interview comic and graphic novel creators, so please let me know if you are available for an interview in your initial request.

I will never ask for a review swap. If you want to review my books, awesome. I’ll be happy to send any title you want. But reviews are not contingent upon an author reviewing my book. It also won’t guarantee a quicker placement in line if you offer to review one of my books. Sorry, but that would be highly unethical of me. I will never ask you to purchase my book. I won’t ask you to make a donation to my review cause. Most importantly, I won’t offer “priority reviews” for a price and then close my review page to those who don’t want to pay for a “priority review.” That’s just ludicrous. You, the author, should never pay for a review.

What I will do is post affiliate links for my readers to purchase your books. Why? Well, one, it takes my readers directly to a page to purchase your book immediately after reading my glowing recommendation (and this happens a lot!). Two, it helps me pay for all the Diet Dr. Pepper that I consume late at night while reading your books. The affiliate link money is nothing more than a few cents here and there and it never comes out of what the author earns. It’s a win-win for us all ~ including my dentist, who loves the idea of me sugaring up my teeth at bedtime!