Footsteps in the Sand ~ Ju Ephraime


“Footsteps in the Sand” is a sweet, touching story of love and loss. The book opens on Christmas Eve, five years after James Lorde lost his wife, Nicola, in a boating accident. James’s love for Nicola is apparent, as heart-wrenching memories from the past intertwine with his now-lonely life. His actions reflect that of a man still grieving over the loss of his soul mate. As James deals with his debilitating pain, a strange phenomenon occurs on the beach, one that could bring him back from the edge of his own hell.

This wonderful story is beautifully written, with sweeping words and images, taking the reader directly into the story. The flashbacks are seamlessly woven into the tale, grabbing the heart of the reader so that they, too, feel James’s pain. While the book is set at Christmas, the story is one that transcends the holiday, making it a fantastic read for any day of the year.

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