False Security Dream Cast

This is the first part of my dream cast for False Security. All of these characters will not spoil the book if you haven’t read it. For part two of the dream cast, which includes character/book spoilers, click here – just remember, I warned you about the spoilers!

False Security’s dream cast is also available on the IF List. You can see the full cast and propose your own actors for the roles, and even add the crew (such as director, producers, and writers)! Please be sure to support False Security by clicking “Support” on the right-hand side after you log in. Thank you!


Rachel Thomas ~ Devin Kelley

Fox All-Star Winter TCA PartyAfter almost a decade of searching for a perfect match to play Rachel, I believe I may have just found her. Devin Kelley (Resurrection, Chernobyl Diaries) caught my eye as soon as I saw her. She seems to have just about everything down right. A little tall, maybe, but who can fault that when she meets every other requirement? 🙂

Mark Jacobson ~ James Marsden

images0Y774CGSI absolutely love James Marsden in everything I’ve ever seen him in, and he’s a perfect fit for Mark. Beautiful blue eyes, with that wonderful, whimsical dark hair, and a sensually wide, addictive smile…exactly how I described Mark in the book long before James became part of my dream cast.

Danielle Palmer ~ Piper Perabo

piper-perabo-covert-affairs-usaPiper Perabo just feels like Danielle to me…she always has. She’s cute, bubbly, and can be a bit bouncy, exactly what is needed to offset Rachel’s seriousness and keep her in check during the rough patches.