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 Epilogues Podcast Episodes

Once a month, myself and Author Marisa Oldham produce a podcast where we discuss all things writing and reading.

Epilogues Bookstore

Where you can purchase books from the authors of the month and from your hosts.


Epilogues Book Club

Epilogues is a community of readers and authors.
We come together in the form of a book club on Facebook.

  • In the book club itself, every month the group votes on the Book of the Month (BOTM)

  • Author members are encouraged to nominate their books for BOTM and lower the price of their book and/or offer it free to those who cannot afford it.

  • Once a book is chosen for BOTM (toward the end of each month), members are asked if they would like to join a secret discussion group. This is where we talk about the BOTM using discussion threads in the secret group.

  • Members are not required to participate in the discussion group.

  • The authors of the BOTM will not participate in the discussion group, however, at the end of the month, if the author wishes to participate, Epilogues Book Club hosts a LIVE VIDEO CHAT where readers and meet the author face to face and ask questions.

  • For those who are unable to make the live chat, Epilogues Book Club will post videos of the chat on YouTube and share with the group.

  • Epilogues is a place for readers to meet other readers and for them to connect with their favorite authors.