Chaysing Memories ~ Jalpa Williby

91GqNAPnvAL__SL1500_“Chaysing Memories” by Jalpa Williby picks up shortly after “Chaysing Dreams” (the first book in the series) left off. Tess Sanoby has been through hell in the first book, but she can’t remember any of it. Her only wisp of the past is a letter and drawing. She asks her best friend for help, who gives her some clues as to the identity of the man who gave them to her the night he left and broke her heart. Now training as an special agent for a government agency, Tess is asked to locate their top agent who disappeared several months earlier. She doesn’t realize that finding Chayse could very well fill in the blanks in her spotty memory.

This second installment in the series is just as amazing as the first. Williby does a great job of continuing the evolution of Tess’s character in a believable manner. I found it particularly interesting that Tess doesn’t know what happens to her, but the reader (who has read the first book) knows all. It makes it very suspenseful for the reader. I sat on the edge of my seat just waiting for Tess to figure out what I already knew. Combined with wonderful writing, Williby has created an amazing series. I cannot wait to finish it with the third and final book!

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